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Unique Solar, a solar company in San Diego. Its mission is to deliver, maintain, expertly custom designed solar power plants that suit the building and owner, not just the solar company selling it. Maximizing the benefit to the customer while preserving the integrity of the building. We match the products to the intended purpose and desires of the owner, and also able to design and install more complex systems with emergency battery back-up solutions. Most other solar companies will just try to sell the product they to satisfy their supplier and manufacturer.
While most/many other solar companies violate roofing specifications either due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of conscience, our significant knowledge and experience in the roofing field will maintain the integrity of the building’s roof. Building inspectors typically only scrutinize the electrical portion of the job and don’t look at waterproofing issues which constitute the majority of problems encountered in solar installations.
We also strive to make the solar installation cosmetically pleasing with attention to detail such as hiding and painting electrical conduits and installing panels in a manner that does not interrupt architectural features of the building.
Unique Solar was founded by Ulf Waldmann in 2010. Ulf came to San Diego from his native Germany in 1991. With deep family roots and experience in the German roofing industry he soon became locally recognized as an expert in the commercial roofing field by many of his peers. In 2007, after seeing the explosive technological advances and market growth of solar power in Germany, he started to develop a solar division of the reputable San Diego Area roofing contracting firm he was managing. During the deep recession culminating in 2009/2010 Ulf sought some more thorough technical training in Germany and decided to fully concentrate on the deployment of renewable solar energy.